These digital reproductions are just for ideas. If you choose a color based on this screen or how your printer prints the color chart, you may be in for a big surprise. Please finalize your selection from my printed color card.

The base-color of cement determines color range. Like all natural materials, variation is normal in concrete. Different cements, sand, rock, mixing and job site conditions could alter the finished color. Actual job-site results may differ.

IIt takes approximately 30 days for all the water to evaporate out of the curb and to show the final consistent color. Until then, the curb may look blotchy due to moisture and dew levels in the air.*

Please note: Water must be kept away from curb for at least 48 hours in order to allow the curb to cure properly. Premature exposure to water will permanently discolor your curb. If exposed to water prior to the initial 48 hour curing stage your curb will appear blotchy and you risk the appearance of efflorescence on your curb. This discoloration is permanent and is not covered under warranty.

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